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      Complete Open Source JAVA Projects for Android Studio

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    Complete application projects for Android smartphones are an excellent base for developing your own applications, for learning Java, for your own business or for a school project.
    All projects with full functionality. Projects include all libraries (if used) and detailed comments.
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    There are many ways to learn Java for Android. One way is to write a useful application. For example, an audio recorder for recording speech and sending sound files to a web server. Such an application can be very useful. It can give you an alibi in a difficult situation. Moreover, even if your smartphone is taken away, the sound files will be saved on the web server.

      Open Source Code (Complete Android Studio Java Projects)
AudioREG_ENG.ZIP >> - Audio Registrar Source Code
CryptoNote_password_OK.ZIP >> - Crypto Note Source Code
CryptoNOTE_AES.ZIP >> - AES Crypto Note Source Code
RSA Crypto Project >> - RSA Keys, encoding, decodind
AES Crypto Project >> - AES Crypto Note Source Code
PhotoREGISTRAR >> - Photo Registrar with FTP Client
      GNU GPL
Valery Shmelev
      Complete Android Studio projects Java applications for smartphones. Everything is compiled into working applications. Full comments, full source code. All libraries are included (if used).
      An excellent base for developing your own photo and audio recorders, cryptographic systems.
      The root folder contains a manual in Word doc format. The projects are designed for API-29 and API-30, so it is not possible to use the built-in Android Studio emulator. You should connect a real device (smartphone).

    Open source projects are application projects whose analogues either have a different set of functions or require connection to central servers. Here you also get the full code of applications that can work autonomously and be controlled only by you.
    This may be of fundamental importance. The photo recorder allows you to make a monitoring system for your property from anywhere in the world. But only you have access to the photos. The web hosting where your photos are stored does not have information about the coordinates of the object of observation.
    You can use cryptography projects to encrypt photos using the ASE or RSA protocols. At the same time, there will be no key for decrypting photos or sound files (RSA protocol) on your smartphone and web server at all, and stealing files will be completely pointless.
    The wide distribution of Android devices makes it promising to learn Java for Android. These open source projects are the perfect way to start programming. You get an interesting prefab for an interesting application with a high degree of readiness. And he has every right to sell the application made on its basis.
    You can use 1024 or 2048 bit keys in crypto applications. This is less than what is used in public encryption systems. But there are ways to make information encrypted with such keys completely indecipherable on computers of any capacity.
    You've probably read many times that hackers gain access to critical company information. This leads to large fines for data loss, or large payouts to attackers. Therefore, the increasing use of data encryption is inevitable. If you are writing an application for couriers, for an order system, for accounting, for accounting, for statistics (etc.), it is extremely important to encrypt data right away.
    But data encryption is only one part of the problem. If attackers gain access to your server or web server, they can use your software to decode the data. Unless you have encrypted critical sections of application code, scripts and files.
    This is a separate large and complex task. which should not be published to everyone.
    Some data protection and software projects will be published here. The most interesting, creative, unusual solutions can be developed to order.

Open Source JAVA

    GNU GPL (c) by Valery Shmelev

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